Monday, July 1, 2013

Slow progress...

I haven't made any updates in the last month because I haven't really gotten anything done. I'm back working on the road again for the summer and I'm lucky if I get 48 full hours at home each weekend. I've devoted my Saturdays to hiking, and with laundry and the normal stuff to get done on Sunday there isn't a lot of time left for the project. The heat hasn't helped my motivation either. It's hard to keep working when it's 110 degrees in the hanger before noon. An airport buddy dropped by Sunday though and was kind enough to lend me a portable swamp cooler to help with the heat. Progress may proceed at a slow place for the rest of the summer.

I have managed to fabricated and place the vent line, adjust and prepare the fuel level sender, and place the fuel pickup screen and return line plug for the left tank. I've also got the skin for the right tank all deburred and the baffle rivet holes counter sunk. The right tank ribs are all final drilled and deburred. I will take some time over the holiday to do some final sealing in the left tank to prepare it for placing the baffle and sealing it up permanently. I will also try to get all of the dimpling done for the right tank. My goal for the month of July will be to have both tanks complete and hung. August will hopefully see the wiring completed and the bottom skins on. I'd like to get the flaps and ailerons built and hung in September. I should be back in the office in October and can go full force again, working on the wing tips and starting the tail, if the kit is available by then.

Left tank fuel sender, vent line, and fuel pickup screen.